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Weather Cancellations


When weather conditions affect the normal operation of the Worthington Scranton Campus, announcements will be carried on the radio and television stations listed below. In addition to media announcements, the campus SNOW INFORMATION telephone number 963-2766, and the campus website: http://www.ws.psu.edu/ (click on Current Students, then Class Cancellations), can also be accessed for delays or closing information.


Channel 16 WNEP Channel 22 WYOU Channel 28 WBRE


WARM AM 590 WKRZ FM 98.5 WWBE FM 98.3 WARM AM 1550
WGBI AM 910 WYGL FM 100.5 WARM FM 95.7 WGBI FM 101
WYGL AM 1240 WMGS FM 92.9 WILK AM 980 WICK AM 1400
WBHT FM 97.0 WTLQ FM 102.3 WWDL FM 104.9 WEJL AM 630
WFYY FM 106.5 WSBG FM 93.5 WEZX FM 106.9 WLGL FM 92.3
WVPO AM 840 WYCY FM 105.3 WDNB FM 102.1 WPSN AM 1590
WDNH FM 95.3      


The decision to change the campus schedule in the morning should be completed by 6 a.m. Once the decision is made, the SNOW INFORMATION telephone number is updated immediately; then our website is updated; and finally radio and TV stations are notified. The notification process for television and radio station can take a while (and is not completely reliable), so it is suggested that you call the SNOW INFORMATION telephone number or view our website http://www.ws.psu.edu/.

It may also be necessary to cancel classes or close the campus during the day. When the decision to cancel classes during the day is made, we follow the same procedure as indicated above. Again, we will try to make the decision far enough in advance to allow students, faculty, and staff to react appropriately.

There are two states of change in campus activity during inclement weather:


The campus is open and classes will follow the compressed schedule listed at: http://www.ws.psu.edu/Information/16662.htm?cn71G . The compressed schedule allows the campus to be cleared of snow, allowing most people to come to campus. Faculty, staff and students should make every attempt to be present, although none should be expected to risk their lives. This means that a few people may not be able to make it when most can. Faculty who are unable to get to class should take responsibility for notifying students. The faculty who live in hard to reach areas should either notify students to check voicemail or should set up phone trees in their classes. Faculty should also notify the Academic Affairs office that they will not be in class.

Some students may also be unable to make it to some classes because of inclement weather. Faculty need to acknowledge students’ right to safety and make provisions for them to make up lost material. In general, we all need to respect each other's need for safety but also the importance of campus activities.

Staff should come as they are able at the usual starting time unless the announcement asks them to delay.  


No classes are held and all activities are cancelled. Only essential employees should report to the campus. These employees are individually notified in advance that they are essential and receive compensatory time for the hours they work when the campus is closed.